Inner city Balcony

Who was it for?

Residential Customer (Mother in law!)

Service Provided

Design and construction of balcony


Southville, Bristol


The aim was create an outside seating area which would also provide storage underneath for bikes and make the most of the garden space available.

How Bradley Crafted It

As the property is mid-terrace, with access from the rear up a narrow set of stairs, the balcony had to be constructed in many parts. The balcony was shot blasted and zinc sprayed, and as this was the desired finish, care had to be taken not to damage the pieces during transport and installation. For this reason as well, it wasn’t possible to fabricate on site therefore the balcony was bolted together. I made each component and then constructed the balcony (in full) in the workshop. I also had to measure and pre-cut the wood decking.

Client Testimonial

Brad hand built our balcony to fit our tiny city garden, allowing us to enjoy the garden at last. Our house is on a steep hill, the garden is below the kitchen. He built the balcony then assembled it on site. The special galvanized finish is gorgeous and should last for years.
We are thrilled with the balcony, it has made such a difference to the way we enjoy our home 🏡