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More Than 20 Years of Experience

I started blacksmithing at Brymore school when I was 13, making fire pokers and toasting forks. Dad said I made a good'un so bought me a gas forge for Christmas.  It's the one in the video and still makes a good scroll.

At first the local blacksmith didn't want the hassle of an apprentice, but no one says 'no' to Mrs Bryant! He took me on as an apprentice until I was 18 at which point I went to Herefordshire Blacksmithing College.

After college and a couple years of sword smithing, I then set up my own blacksmithing business at 24.

Blacksmithing isn't an easy profession to start in by yourself, particularly at a young age. I managed to commandeer an old shed from Dad and started picking up local jobs. I had welding codings from college and some big welding contracts helped fund the blacksmithing career.

Bradley the blacksmith - Flame Coal furnace
15 years later I'm married, with a little boy living in our own steel framed house (built by myself of course!).
The joy of being a blacksmith is that it is a job where you're always learning and where no two jobs are ever the same. This keeps me just as passionate about the trade as I was at 13 and I hope to continue blacksmithing for many more years.